maanantai 20. lokakuuta 2014


So Yesterday I went to explore die kieze of Neukölln and Kreutzberg a little better! Last summer me and my friend chekced out the Neuköllner Stoff at Maybach Ufer, an arts and crafts market by the canal. Very pretty, relaxed feeling on a hot summer Saturday!
Now I picked a Sunday flea market by the same canal, and it was such a delight to find an original one here in Berlin! Good prices, good atmosphere, coffee, tea, crepes, juices and lots of genuine Berlin-people! It was a warm day filled with sunshine and a few finds as well! 

I walked all the way from Boddinstraße to Kottbusser Tor so I needed a few pit stops:

May am Ufer at the crossing of Thielenbrücke, Pannierstraße and Maybach Ufer

What a calming place! 

Saarbach Galerie Kulturcafé at the crossroads of Sanderstraße and Hobrechtstraße

My heart melts!
I just simply adore these spaces, the high cealings, the wooden floors, big windows, the atmosphere, everything.

Sing Blackbird Vintage and Coffee Shop
Sanderstraße 11

I was so happy to find out this pearl was open!
There are quite a few interesting vintage shops around this area but on Sundays they're resting. This one is so cute, offering healthy snacks, smoothies and raw stuff at the café!

And by the time I'd reached Kottbusserbrücke I was ready for a sweet Sunday-mojito! 
And the best ones are being served in Das Hotel in Mariannenstraße...

Bye for now!

sunnuntai 19. lokakuuta 2014


The streets

The cafés

The balconies

Sending you loads of sunbeams, it's a beautiful day here! Perfect for a flea market adventure in Neukölln! 
Loving every minute, tschüß!

lauantai 18. lokakuuta 2014

Autumn in Berlin...

Guten Morgen!

Guess where I am?! 
I know, it's a tough one. Hmmm, where would she fly on such a short notice..?

Yes, I'm in Berlin!

A very spontanious move but I can already feel it's doing me so much good! I'm leaving all the troubles and being sick behind me and just be! Read a book! Sit in a dozen of cafés! Per day!
We have a week off from work and oh how wonderful it is to be here again!
Autumn is definitely my favourite season in this city. I love the morning mist with church bells behind the corner, the birds are still singing a little, the leaves are falling and it's quieter somehow. Like the whole city would sigh after a hectic summer: finally the new season is here and it's time to relax.
I'm in love with this city, always have, always will. 
Us and Autumn fit together perfectly!

Breakfast at Literaturhaus! I flew in Yesterday morning, and this is the perfect place to realize I'm here again. I sat in the garden and smiled!

perjantai 10. lokakuuta 2014

Popping-up at Ivana's!

Here's a tip:

Ivana Helsinki has opened up a pop-up store in Annankatu 13, behind the corner from the flagship store itself. There's clothes from both past and present lines, unique pieces, shoes and accessories as well as articles from the IvanaHome range with really good prices!

But the thing that struck me the most was, that there's also clothes from the line they did in collaboration with the Japanese brand Uniqlo. These clothes were never available here until now!
T-shirts, hoodies and scarves with the old classic Ivana-prints!
And mad I went! Naturally!

Here are my finds! Or some of them. I can't show them all because I bought a whole lot as gifts! Christmas is coming, my friends!
I love these shirts and scarves, The Lonely Tiger, The Bambi and the horse- and bird-prints are among my favourites of all time!

Go make finds, the pop-up is open until the end of November. Next to Demmers Tea Shop!

torstai 9. lokakuuta 2014



Just to let you know everything is fine, my recovery has been good, and I'll be back to work in no time! I'm extremely happy about that!

Autumn is beautiful yet a little cloudy, but that only makes it even more atmospheric! I'm relieved, and waiting for these better times to begin.

Love and light. Always!

maanantai 6. lokakuuta 2014


New week, new tricks

I'm positive about pretty much everything right now: my vision is almost normal already, I have a final check-up with an eye specialist on Wednesday, and I played the clarinet Yesterday for the first time in weeks! And that made me feel so good! I'd missed it already so much, I even smelled it, a very tender moment (!), and it was all the same as when I was a little girl entering the exiting world of woodwinds, silly me!
Having time off on your own account is totally different compared to if you just simply cannot do the thing that's most important to you. And right now I'm just so happy to start everything running again. I hope it'll stay this way and the doctor approves it too.
But today's good. Monday's good. For once. Phew.

My days have been filled with hanging around the house, some experimental cooking, LOTS of movies (both excellent and crappy!), and sweet husband cheering me up.
He's been adorable, the light of my life, the apple of my eye! :)
Always looking after me no matter what, my love forever!
Oh, and I did attend three concerts too! That was nice, even though it made me a little anxious getting on stage myself, haha! But it always does good to just go and listen. I wish there'd always be time to do that.

But with the beautiful sunshine we had last week, I went on my slow and easy walks. Everything looked so beautiful, so crispy, the leaves, the trees, the bright sun. I felt at ease for taking this time to calm myself down, to getting better. Just be in my own thoughts and feel the world around me. I felt like a little tourist at times. A tourist in my own city!

Starting from close-by, first the sweet Käpylä:

On another day I hopped into a bus, rode to Munkkiniemi to be close to the sea, and took a walk over there:

It's so beautiful there, and quiet at this time of year. I walked around for quite a while, had lunch in La Cantine, and continued to my old favorite, Tamminiementien Kahvila, where I sat down and dreamed away for two hours!
That place just takes my breath away, every single time:

Back home we treated ourselves with some treats: truffles and crepes...
My sweet tooth has woken up, so good! Nothing beats a good movie with delicacies like these, even if you were suffering from an eye infection.

Then it was time to go urban. I took the train to the center and went for a walk in Tähtitorninmäki and Ullanlinna. Calming sea wind on my face there too, maybe that's what I was after?

Now that I think about it, I might have done quite a bit of things...
I'll admit it's difficult for me to just be and lie down, but I strongly believe if the soul is happy, the whole system works. A happy soul in a healthy body. Amen to that!

keskiviikko 1. lokakuuta 2014


Hello dears!

So my base camp has been our living sofa now for almost two weeks.
Not much is going on but the beautiful sunshine keeps my spirits up. One thing I'm glad about is that there's time to focus on cooking more carefully than usual!

I prepared a veggie meatloaf from chick peas, potatoes and chili which worked well with smoked white fish!

Then some nice bread with brie, pear, avocado, sun dried tomatoes and rucola...mmmh..

And a Blondie Pizza with zucchini, apricot, onion and yellow pepper and feta cheese!

I'm starting to feel the consequences of treating myself with all this comfy food! But so what! As soon as I can start my regular routines again, it'll all be fine.

Last weekend something lovely took place. My dearest friends came to our place to cheer me up, the men were all out doing their manly things, and us ladies sat in the kitchen, again preparing food and eating it too!
It was so sweet, lots of laughter and sitting in the garden, thanks to the warmest of Autumn days!
Love my girls!!

And last, this playsuit has become my absolute favourite outfit!
Super comfy and very pirate-chic, eh?!

See you soon again dears!