maanantai 20. lokakuuta 2014


So Yesterday I went to explore die kieze of Neukölln and Kreutzberg a little better! Last summer me and my friend chekced out the Neuköllner Stoff at Maybach Ufer, an arts and crafts market by the canal. Very pretty, relaxed feeling on a hot summer Saturday!
Now I picked a Sunday flea market by the same canal, and it was such a delight to find an original one here in Berlin! Good prices, good atmosphere, coffee, tea, crepes, juices and lots of genuine Berlin-people! It was a warm day filled with sunshine and a few finds as well! 

I walked all the way from Boddinstraße to Kottbusser Tor so I needed a few pit stops:

May am Ufer at the crossing of Thielenbrücke, Pannierstraße and Maybach Ufer

What a calming place! 

Saarbach Galerie Kulturcafé at the crossroads of Sanderstraße and Hobrechtstraße

My heart melts!
I just simply adore these spaces, the high cealings, the wooden floors, big windows, the atmosphere, everything.

Sing Blackbird Vintage and Coffee Shop
Sanderstraße 11

I was so happy to find out this pearl was open!
There are quite a few interesting vintage shops around this area but on Sundays they're resting. This one is so cute, offering healthy snacks, smoothies and raw stuff at the café!

And by the time I'd reached Kottbusserbrücke I was ready for a sweet Sunday-mojito! 
And the best ones are being served in Das Hotel in Mariannenstraße...

Bye for now!

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