perjantai 23. toukokuuta 2014

Yard sales!

Last weekend myself, my Mother and my handsome nephew went to the traditional Puu-Vallila yard sales.
I've shared this event with you before, it's such a nice happening!
All the picturesque gardens turn into flea markets, there's things for kids to do, and you can buy soup, sausages, coffee and cakes too!

It was a beautiful day with sunshine, we wandered around for a good while!

Being very street cred with my sister's kid, right?!
I'm wearing my supercomfy overalls which I looove!
Got it from Asos las year, it's velvet, tie-dyed, and so easy to wear!

I took so many pictures, it's so beautiful there, so much details and fun things to shoot!
The last pic is of me through the little fella's eyes:

Such a fun day it was!!

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