keskiviikko 19. maaliskuuta 2014



Here we are, in Warsaw, Poland, at the moment!
Internet connections have been poor since the day we left but now it seems to work, yay!

Oh, I don't know where to begin!
It's been unbelievable!
We've played for amazing audiences, BIG halls, and created unforgettable memories!
The group of people on this tour is just awesome, and since we're together all the time, it's been wicked fun!!
You kind of fall into this space where there's no time or outer world, just us, the bus, and the ever changing cities, venues and hotels.
This morning we woke up in Berlin, traveled the day to Warsaw and soon go on stage with a full house again!
We've seen screaming fans, endless energy and big emotions both in the audience and on stage, something I that is so unique and will connect us forever from this moment on.
It's just amazing. Pure gold.

Here's Russia, we played in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Backstage colour-splash!

The night train to Moscow

...with a glamorous dinner!

Hello Moscow!!

Next came Germany and Hamburg!

We had time to walk and take it easy, and everywhere I looked, I saw Berlin, oh Berlin my love!
Which was there next in line waiting for us!

I'll write about Berlin later, now I need to fly, it's showtime!! 
Hugs & kisses my friends!!

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