torstai 13. maaliskuuta 2014

On the road!

My life for the past week plus one week ahead from today is something totally different I've ever experienced!

We're on tour with the prestigious chamber orchestra Avanti! PLUS the awesome heavy metal cello ensemble Apocalyptica!!

It's been crazy fun, the guys are so talented and full of energy, it's just freakin' amazing!

Tomorrow we'll be on our way to Russia, to St. Petersburg, and from that moment on we'll play in halls with 2000 people in the audience minimum!
I wonder how it feels to play Brahms after this...
But for now I'm all leather pants and super high heels, wohooo!

Must get some sleep now, wanted to let you know what's going on!
I'll keep you posted!!

We have the best gang to work with!

See you soon, good night!

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