sunnuntai 13. heinäkuuta 2014


Yesterday we went to explore a new kiez:
My sweet and dear friend spent the whole spring in Berlin living in this newishly hip area which I hadn't visited.
Years ago a local friend told me not to go even close to this then unstable neighbourhood, but as always, in every big city, things and atmospheres change and people find new places to start their cute coffee shops and showrooms.
Over the years this has happened to Neukölln, and my, it was the sweetest place!!
We got brilliant directions on where to go, and she was so right in every possible way!
All this took place around Schillerpromenade near Boddinstraße U-bahn station, look how pretty it was!!

Weekend market 

Sweet breakfast at Schillerbar..

Café Engels:

We continued our way to another market in Maybach Ufer where arts and crafts were on display with music, lots of people and good sizzling!

Das Hotel in Mariannenstraße, such a cool place! 

It was a perfect day, THANK YOU dear!!!

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