tiistai 16. syyskuuta 2014

Life on a Tuesday

When I started this blog I made some ground rules: always stay positive, always search for beautiful and pretty things, and never complain.
The truth is everybody has good times and bad times, and days are filled with different kinds of challenges.

I've had to face mine too, and I'm now going to make an exception in listing two things that bug me a lot at the moment:

Nro 1. 
I've developed myself a repetitive strain injury which prevents me from going to work and playing the clarinet.
It's a sum of many things, mostly too much work and not enough rest combined with not enough activity. When you get tired it feels impossible to get yourself up and going even though you know it would do a lot of good to you.
PLUS I'm not as young anymore as I used to be!!
I've never had any problems before. 
This is a wake up call to me, my body is reacting and that is something I seriously need to listen!
So instead of throwing myself on the floor and crying "I'm getting old!!!!", I act like an adult, and start taking good care of myself, right?!

I have an appointment with the same osteopath I've had treatments before with, and we're going to make a treatment plan for me.

Also, I just came from the swimming hall where I had a total feel-good-hour-and-a-half with sauna.

Like Annie Lennox sang "The only way is up" is going to be my mantra this week. 
Yes indeed.

I seriously dislike when the blog application changes the font on its' own not asking me at all!!!
If I want to emphasize sentences or words, I want to do it myself!

It's also a visual thing. To me it looks tacky and gives a little bad overall picture.
So, sorry for the tackiness, I'll try to solve it somehow!

There. Phew. That felt good!
Thank you for listening! 
Let's not wait for New Year's to make good resolutions for the future, let's make them now!
I try to listen to my body better from now on, and give it good excersice regularily. That's the challenge to me: regularily.
I'll do my best.
One day at the time, day by day.

And last, here's ofcourse something pretty for you that gave me inspiration today. After my swim I had lunch in Café Kardemumma and continued for a cup of tea to the sweetest little shop/café Olohuone in Fleminginkatu.
This place is a full experience that pampers your soul and puts a smile on your face!!
And here I am, writing this post to you!

Hugs everyone!

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