torstai 25. syyskuuta 2014

New chapter!

Hello Lovelies!

I thought to cheer up this blog of mine a bit! What do you think?
I might still do some changes, let's see how my eye gets used to the new outlook.

I've still got a little bad news, I'm now suffering from quite a serious eye infection called iritis. I have such strong medication for it that I can't see properly with my left eye, so I'm looking like this at the moment:

Had to pose a little, I don't want to seem too miserable... I have to stay home for quite a while now, it takes a long time to heal.
But I decided to focus on the positive side, and refreshing things over here is one of them!

Otherwise home has been sweet and husband has pampered me with the products of the Halme Bakery...!
Let there be rain, wind, and falling leaves, I'll keep myself warm under the blanket and send you guys strength in your tasks.

Hugs everyone!

I'm allowed to make little walks as long as they're not sweaty ones, so Yesterday I gave an outing for my newish golden sneakers!
I found them from summer sales in June, and now was the perfect moment to wear them.
A small detail that gave me a little something to be glad about!

I also changed my bio a bit. The truth is I'm getting a lot closer to forty than thirty real soon, so I thought it's appropriate... I find it a little hard to believe but it's true!
You can find the bio plus archives and identifiers on the right side of the page!

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