maanantai 9. syyskuuta 2013

A new week!


It was one heavy week last week, phew!
But it was good, all that hard work payed off and now it's just wonderful to enjoy a free Monday!

So far I've prepared dinner, done the dishes, unpacked my sleep-over-bag (I stayed over at a dear friend and colleague's place for two nights!), and purchased a delicious new mixture of green and white tea from Théhuone!
Pretty good, right?!

Here's the past week in pictures!

The weather has been the sweetest! Loving it!!

Packing my bags!
My friend recommended a new riesling, Kungfu Girl, from the States, and it was really good! We had a tasting, so should you!

Taking a walk to relax during the day!

Still time for summer dresses!

Home sweet home!!

Taking a small cruise around Helsinki on Sunday afternoon! Perfect!

Now loads of new ideas and thoughts for the new week, smiles, hugs and happiness to us all!

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