sunnuntai 1. syyskuuta 2013


Yesterday was a fun day!
I'm sure many of you attended to the national flea market day, which I think is a brilliant idea!
I love the feeling during these days, the openness of us Finns when something extraordinary like this is going on, people talking and laughing with each other, with complete strangers! In my opinion this day has a much deeper vibe to it than we realise! It changes us a little bit, and definitely for the better!

For those of you who don't know what Siivouspäivä (meaning Cleaning Day) is, I'll tell you:
It's a day when anyone anywhere can put a flea market table outside and start selling and recycling their gear! 
Yesterday was the 4th time in the history of this wonderful event, it takes place twice a year.
Every time it's gotten bigger, more sellers and more cities have joined in, and you can create a route for yourself as a treasure hunter or a seller by cheking from Facebook where the most sellers are gathering, usually parks and bigger yards are good spots!

I made a plan of cheking out Vanha Kirkkopuisto, Fredantori and Karhupuisto, and by the time I got home I was exhausted! So much things to see, so many people, so much fun!
I made some finds too, a dress and a scarf! Quite modest, but mostly I wanted to feel our dear city, the change of its atmosphere and the vivid feel that took over us all!
And camera was ready!

Vanha Kirkkopuisto:
Some raindrops were in sight, but no worries, the clouds went by!

Lunch brake at the adorable Fleuriste!
Had a delicious salad of avocados, pear and goat's cheese...
I love this café, it's so beautiful! The shades of the walls and furniture are very calming!

Moving on to Fredantori!

Climbing my way to Karhupuisto...

...where expectedly the atmosphere was even more relaxed! I wanted to join in the party of cupcakes and sparkling wine!! 
Groups of friends spending the day together by sitting outside and having a picnic while selling their stuff, yay!

And today I'm off to Helsinki Fashion Weekend's Sunday Sales!!
More finds to be expected, more flea markets, wohoo!
It starts in an hour so get up and move yourself to Kansalaistori!
Love weekends like these!!

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