perjantai 30. elokuuta 2013

About Ballerina Shoes!

This summer has been the last one for my sweet old black ballerinas. I love them but our path together has come to an end, I'm ready to admit it now.
They're so comfy and cute but they've completely worned out from the heels, and by this I mean holes! Real holes. Oh dear.
So a few weeks ago I ran into an ad stand in Esplanadi and bravely stepped in to Pretty Ballerinas!
I know something about these shoes and thought to give them a go.

And guess what happened?!
I walked out with a new shiny pair of black patent leather ballerina shoes!
I've walked them in now, they're perfect for the end of this season and I think I'm starting to fall in love again...!
But at the same time this is a test, since I'm a heavy-user of shoes like these, and want to know if they're worth all the fuss they've been getting!
Next summer will show, let's see!

At least the bag and the box are VERY pretty!

Here comes a tip:
I like to turn in a few centimeters of the leg of my trousers. It exposes your ankles in a really cute and sexy-kind-of way. I don't mean in-your-face-sexy, more like a subtle Japanese geisha-like way, where exposing your neck is the most alluring thing. I think it's super fascinating!
Works best with high heels but with flats too! 
Try it!

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