lauantai 3. elokuuta 2013

A dear friend, the artist!

I want to introduce you to a wonderful graphic artist from Rauma: Anu Sukanen!

We visited her atelier in Rauma Old Town, it was as if we'd landed in a dream! I was so inspired by the beautiful, bohemian and picturesque surroundings, that special feel only old wooden quarters can provide.
In my mind it doubles the romantic thought of an artist working in these kind of premises, oh!
And Anu herself is like her work: filled with warmth and delicacy, beauty and joy!

We met three years ago in such odd circumstances: I'd gotten a scholarship for new instruments and flew to Paris to pick the perfect ones. I'd made plans to stay for a few days, and I certainly did, because the volcano in Iceland erupted just then!
After some chaotic turns I managed to get the last seat in a bus organised by the consulate, and when I sat down, the person sitting next to me was Anu!
29 hours later we reached Stockholm, and I had a new friend!!
We've laughed about this, it was one bus ride alright! 
This story always puts a smile on my face, and I never remember the awfully swollen feet or the tiredness, just the fact that it was easy to laugh, talk and just be and bear the whole thing with her!
Sweet Anu, thank you so much!!

Beautiful Frida!!

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