maanantai 23. syyskuuta 2013

Brunch time!

One of the best brunches in town takes place in the traditional Café Ekberg.
It is so delicious and there's plenty of it!
Especially their scrambled eggs! I had forgotten about that completely! I think it's made in the oven, it's like a jelly cake! Really good!
We were just the two of us, my Mother and myself, oh, quality time, sparkling too!
And the sun was shining outside when we left and walked a little and made some shopping!
Beautiful Sunday!

I love the interior! It brings the likes of Elite, Kolme Kruunua and Sea Horse to mind. Very classy!

Later on I went to visit my dear, dear friend and her newborn baby boy!!
It was beyond beautiful, so cute, so delicate, so breathtaking, and she herself did an amazing job! I'm so happy for the whole family, heart is still overwhelmed!!

Happy Monday everyone!!

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