perjantai 29. marraskuuta 2013

A Lunchdate!

I met with my dear friend today for a lunch!
A while had passed from our last get-together so it was so much fun and sweet to sit down with her!
I think we could talk for hours! 
She's the Mariage Frères-tea-inthusiast I've told you about! My sweet girl, let's meet soon again!!

So we agreed to meet in a fairly new place, Café Kuppi ja Muffini, in Kalevankatu, and it was a delicious experience!

Dreamy cupcakes welcomed us, they make them really small too, mini versions! For lunch they serve two different salads every week plus a soup that changes daily. We went for the salads and they were really good!!
Tea, coffee and the beautiful interior crowned everything, the space is beautiful!
It was crowded with people and I can totally understand why: good food in beautiful surroundings gives you a good spirit, an oasis in the middle of the day!

They also do catering so there's a tip if you're looking for something special!

Go pay a visit in Kalevankatu 17!!

There's a rocking chair with the sweetest quilt ever!!
My friend made me laugh like crazy by saying something I cannot repeat in public!! I think I added up a few years more to my days!! Thank you dear!!

Now we'll start heading for the movies with sweet husband! A movie-date it is, yay!
Happy Friday everyone!

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