lauantai 23. marraskuuta 2013

Hallo Berlin!!

Ooooh, I'm in heaven! 
Hours spent walking, wandering, this just is where half of my soul lies.
I'm so happy to be back, I always keep coming back, that's what I do! This city has been a part of my life for so long, involving some of my closest and dearest friends, it's almost too difficult to describe it. 
This is my second home. That's what it is.

Having just a few days to spend here, I follow my old foot prints: Kreutzberg, Bergmannstraße, Prenzlauer Berg, Helmholtzplatz, and everything in between!

I started with breakfast in one of my all time favourites:
Café Molinari in Solmsstraße, Kreutzberg

Yogi-tea with milk&honey, my absolute favourite! I'll stock up my tea selection, Yogis are a lot cheaper here!

Berlin brekkies are awesome: they serve it everywhere at least until 5pm, you can get anything from full plates to omelets, mit prosecco, natürlich!
My favourites include the fruit salad with muesli and yoghurt/quark. The Germans do the muesli better than anyone in the world!!

Guess who's getting the Ich Liebe Dich-one!!

Tomorrow's a new day, and I can't wait! That's my only problem during these visits, I can't stay put!
I'm not anywhere near a clubber or anything such, but I just think in general sleeping is overrated, it's waisting time!
I'd just walk and breathe this city through me until it's time to go back home! 
But I do realise that's what I need to do, so I'll see you again tomorrow!
Sleep tight meine schätze!

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