lauantai 9. marraskuuta 2013

New boutique!

Again I came across something really pretty on one of my walkabouts! 
And again it took place in Kallio, of which I'm so happy: I salute these young courageous people (so often they happen to be women btw) who want to contribute a piece of their world to the general feel of the city!
It fits Kallio like a glove, the area is just blooming right now!

This time I'm talking about Olohuone.
This oh-so-pretty vintage boutique in Fleminginkatu is specialised in second-hand furniture and home decor! They do have clothes too, plus jewellery from various designers, AND a café! 
Oh, the sweet atmosphere took me over like a whirlwind, I was just too busy to stay but definitely will go there again and so should you!!

Check out
They've got really nice pages!

Happy Saturday night my dears!!

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