tiistai 5. marraskuuta 2013

Finally here again!!

Good morning my Friends!

I've abandoned you for a while and I must apologise for that!!
Last week went completely out the window with recovering from the jet lag while working at the same time!
Then we had a lovely visitor from the Northern part of Finland and a big dinner during the weekend! 
It's now been proved our dining table takes nine people altogether! Yay!

I'm still feeling tired, I think November has hit me big time. The rain is sweet if you can be at home and just drink tea and read books but unfortunately that's out of the question... A lot of work ahead these next few weeks! 
Have to start taking naps or something!
I hope you're all fine, I've been thinking about you!!

Here's something nice from Helsinki:
Made in Kallio!!
Last weekend I had the loveliest date with my sweet friend, and we thought to try this fairly new and very interesting place!
Being a small, urban factory, they have their own production of clothes, bags, funky jewellery etc. with a newish café!
This place and the whole concept was born from designers themselves, from an idea that together we are more, and it's working! Such a fresh and wonderful addition to Kallio with the nicest staff!

There's a good selection of healthy smoothies! Yummy!

Go pay a visit, good vibes up for grabs!

Vaasankatu 14

4 kommenttia:

  1. Voi kun blogissasi olisi tykkäysnappi, kun aina ei ehdi tai muuten pysty kommentoimaan. Jos voisin vain aina tykätä kaikista niistä ihanista kuvista (Buenos Aires!) ja elvyttävistä tuulahduksista, jotka piristävät päätteen eteen kahlittua esteetikkoa!


    1. Voi Nina!
      Ihanasti sanot, kiitos!!
      Nyt on kyllä pitänyt itsekin etsiä piristystä, pakko myöntää!
      Tehdään yhdessä, vaikka väkisin, oma tunnelmansa marraskuullakin!
      Iloa, hymyjä ja kynttilänvaloa!
      <3 Eeva

  2. <3 (ehkä tämä on se tykkäysnappi!)