maanantai 25. marraskuuta 2013

Einen schönen Sonntag!

Today has been a day of many emotions. First setback was to realise that all my flea market plans went out the window because of a memorial day! Boohooo! 
I always want to be here on a Sunday because of the flea markets! 
Well, I didn't let it bother me for long, after all I'm here, aren't I?!
I had a long, beautiful breakfast in my other favourite: Der Platzhirsch in Arkonaplatz!

It's such a perfect place to be!
The interior is so pretty and the food is great! You should remember this place if you're going to Berlin, it's absolutely worth a visit!
It's always a must to me since it's right next to the Arkonaplatz flohmarkt. 
I like this flea market a lot more than Mauerpark. Compared to Mauerpark this one is more local, very nice place with the opportunity to make good finds! 

Der Platzhirsch:


Cafés and Berlin belong together!
No matter what day it is every place is open all day until late in the evening, you get table service and a relaxed atmosphere, not to mention the beauty of decoration which pampers the soul! 
I love it!!

I wandered through Prenzlauer Berg, took some pictures and stopped for a waffle and hot chocolate! With Cointreau! Yummy!

Here's my sweet waffle supplier, Kauf dich glücklich! 
I feel like Alice in Wonderland when I enter this place!
Some ten years ago, when my two friends moved here to study, this was pretty much all there was in Oderbergerstraße. Otherwise it was almost waistland. The buildings still had gun holes on the walls, it wasn't wise to go further at all in the evenings.
Now it's such a lively street leading to Mauerpark, the whole place is filled with tourists, talk and laughter, and the façades are shiny.
This happens in every big city in the world, and it's a good thing, but something crucial gets lost during the proggress, I think. 
Nevertheless it is still one of my favourite kietz's in Berlin!

After all this I tried my luck in the concert scene: my big favourite Max Raabe performed here Yesterday and today, and ofcourse every single seat in Admiralspalast was sold out.
I went to Zoo to check the last minute ticket office, traveled back to the theatre's own ticket counter and nothing. But then I noticed a lady holding two tickets and I asked her if she was selling them. Yes she was, I bought the other one!!
I couldn't believe my luck!
And a very good seat too, wohooo!

Max Raabe is fantastic!!
His minimalism and absolute style on stage are all such a treat, I like the humour, the arrangements, the whole package. Plus the band, Palast Orchester, is amazing!
Mack the Knife was on the list of many world famous Berlin-cabaret-schlager songs that exist!

I think I was in heaven!!

Ok, now I have to start sleeping! See you again tomorrow and good night!!

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