torstai 26. joulukuuta 2013


A few pics from Christmas!

Home sweet home!

We drove to my Sister's cottage on Christmas Eve!

We went for a walk to this beautiful cliff with a breathtaking view! It was raining, once again, but the lichen on the ground looked a bit like snow!

Tonttu was fishing on Christmas Eve... Usually the lake is frozen at this time of year!

After the sauna it was was time to experiment the latest tricks of which my sister always has first hand knowledge of! It's so handy, I love it!

This "youthmud" is a special exfoliating clay mask which promises instant glow, and is really big among true Hollywood A-listers and backstage make-up rooms. Suits us then, right?!

Really heavy and sticky it was, but skin felt good afterwards, glowy too, I must admit!
My absolute favourite was the promise of "very sexy" on the cover of the box! 
Poor husband was startled when I came around the corner looking like this!

Beautiful Christmas tree!

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