sunnuntai 15. joulukuuta 2013

The Ferrari of coffees!

This is exceptional for me, the ultimate tea-girl: a luxury coffee post!

Yesterday I ran some errands and on my way back home remembered there's a new café in Töölö which has been on my to do-list for a while!
Freese Coffee!
It's only open on Saturdays and Sundays, and Yesterday was one of those perfect weekend mornings when you can enjoy life completely worry-free and have an open mind for new experiences, so in I went!

This café has style written all over it! It's the perfect place for coffee enthusiasts, aesthetes and good mood seekers!
It's situated in Freesenkatu, Etu-Töölö, behind the Zoological museum, has the oh-so-beautiful original tile floor, and such beautiful, classy yet comfy decoration.

The owner, Mr. Freese himself was there too, a very charming young man who's made his dream come true and spreads the joy of excellent coffee for everybody! He's a barista champion who's studied coffee inside out and carefully picks the blends he serves his customers. And with such good spirit it's a rare thing to see!
There's a tea selection too, I got the most elegant oolong ever, sat down and enjoyed the atmosphere!

I'll let you in too!

I adored this painting! Giving a Mucha-vibe it fits the interior perfectly!

Love the Aalto stool 60 with zebra upholstery!

Once again, hats off for these young experts who bring us insipring, different and exquisite experiences making our city a little more perfect with each step!

Go check it out, it'll make you happy!

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