sunnuntai 29. joulukuuta 2013

Random & Pretty!

I'm so infatuated with a couple of things right now:

New tea jars from a dear friend!

They're so beautiful! Genuine Japanese jars that hold the aromas inside with a special lid which is under the bigger lid!
I put green in the green one and black in the brown one, tastes even better I'm sure!

Our new blankets for naps from my Sister!

You should get to touch these! 
They're so soft I don't know anything softer! Maybe a cat's belly or something!
I'm walking around the house wrapped in it!
Sweet sister found them from Muji, so if you're anywhere near that chain, hurry up, warmest and softest naps are guaranteed!!

Crystals from São Paulo!
I found them from a flea market there and now put them in our Christmas tree. Beautiful!

Bird cards I found from Ikea!
You never know what to find from there!
These'll make pretty decorative things or greeting cards!

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