tiistai 4. kesäkuuta 2013

A dip in the sea!

I sure showed some definite signs of bravery Yesterday: after I got back from work I quickly changed and hurried outside, because I had a date with sweet husband on the BEACH!! 
It's been really hot, a real summer over here, and the only reasonable place to be at this weather is our closest beach, Hietsu. 
The problem was I hadn't yet gotten rid of my talviturkki, and even though we're looking at 30 degrees Celsius in the air, the water definitely isn't anywhere close! Anyway, against all odds I soaked myself in the sea with only a minor hesitation! Just walked into the water! Me!!
Oh it made me feel so good! Like a newborn!
Plus I got compliments from my loved one, he hadn't seen a performance this easy from me ever! Usually I stay put with only my feet under the water, going back and forth, unable to really decide whether I should do it or not! Maybe even an occasional scream would come out of my mouth too! But this time it was the new me! New summer, new tricks! Hooray!!

And this morning I went back! Work wasn't until later so I dived twice! Had breakfast, the paper and some tea with me and just enjoyed the quiet and sleepy beach! Beautiful beginning for the day!

I'll send you happy thoughts and sun beams! Let's have some good energy today!

Happy summer girl!

And this morning at 8.30:

Happy summer toes!

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