maanantai 3. kesäkuuta 2013

A weekend in pictures!

Happy Monday everyone!
We've survived the graduation weekend which contained three graduation parties plus dear friends's 40th + 40th birthday party! So the whole Saturday was busy but so beautiful! I was very touched by these amazing young, talented and beautiful people who now start taking their first steps in the real world. I'm very proud to know these brave graduates who are following their hearts and seeing what life has to offer! Hooray for each one of you, this is your moment, so enjoy!!

Here's some high class Finnish music wrapped in beautiful paper in a minute, plus something really pretty from Paloni, as presents. I found these beautiful butterflies and thought they'd make the cutest details together with pretty gift papers! And so they did!

Once the last party of the day, the 80th birthday party started, the evening was filled with laughter, bubbly drinks, dancing and a reunion of the guys's old band which electrified the air! It was coool! It was so wonderful to see the old friends, the gang from our twenties when we were the ones taking our first steps in the real world, being all carefree and full of power and energy! Good times!! Dear, dear friends!! 
We all turned out to be pretty good, I'd say! People got apart little by little, new boyfriends, new girlfriends, jobs, children, but when we get together it's like we never really parted. That's the best kind of friendship there is! But I have to say partying like in your twenties cannot be performed anymore.. Or obviously it's possible but the consequences are a little bit more dramatic! 
On Sunday I treated myself with a walk in Hietsu flea market, the sun was incredible! Such a hot day! Later on met with dear friends in Mattolaituri, Kaivopuisto, for some easy and lazy Sunday chillin' ! Aaah!!

Here's some snapshots from Saturday evening! We also had the coolest DJ in Helsinki, DJOlenko, playing sweet tunes for us, bravo, old mate! Plus me and my girl S, and the guys, the birthday-heroes, brothers, handsome fellas!! Thank you for a superfun evening!!!

And the next day... Sweet Sunday!

Serenity, now!!!

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