perjantai 7. kesäkuuta 2013

To choose or not to choose?

As I told you earlier I need to stay focused since there's still one more concert left, but apparently my ability to be focused has multiple ways of existing, as it just so happened that today after work I went to look for the perfect dress to wear at dear friends's wedding in three LONDON!!!
Head is full of difficult decisions!

I was browsing through the shops of Fredrikinkatu feeling a bit unwilling to do so, since I had the gutsy feeling that eventually I'd find what I was after from my ultimate dress supplier: IvanaHelsinki.
And if course I did! 
Did not make any desicions yet, but strongly believe I just might have to go back!
I got the best of service, as always, tried on several options, but this strapless Martha dress in rosy shades made the best impact on me! 
But the thing is, being a wedding in the UK, a head piece or a hat is a big part of the whole thing, and the ones I have would perhaps go best with a vintage number, so I thought maybe the best thing to do would be to sleep on it, and do what the kind girl suggested and come back with the whole arsenal, shoes included! And I most certainly will!!

Must think about the concert tomorrow,
must think about the concert tomorrow,
must think about the concert tomorrow!!!!

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