torstai 20. kesäkuuta 2013

Golden times!

Hey y'all!

It's almost midsummer, and the weather forecast promises lots of sunshine, yay!
We went to the city for a brief moment, so that there was enough time to switch the insect spray to sweet parfume, nice! We took care of some errands and I took some time to walk around sweet summery Helsinki!

Lots of temptations out there but I fell for these beautiful and sweet strawberries! My first Finnish ones this summer!


Lately I've been inspired by the rusty ghetto gold jewellery and accessories. They look good especially with black, with tanned skin, almost anything!
I took a good look at my cupboards and here's what I found:

I like them a lot! It's time to mix and match, not only with stripes, squares and dots in clothing, but with jewellery too! 
Summer is the perfect time to wear a lot of nice accessories, at least for me. I feel more at ease, liberated somehow, and definitely go bigger with them! There's not such a rush all the time and the general feel is more relaxed. Clothes are much lighter and more colourful, and the same thing happens to the mind too!
So let's explore ourselves and have a mad rush for gold! Fleamarkets are an excellent and never-ending source of all thing such! 

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