perjantai 28. kesäkuuta 2013

Day of shopping!

...and walking, and shopping, and walking, and...

Started from Knightsbridge...

...Harvey Nichols!

Stopped at the Fifth Floor Foodmarket, heavenly! 

Liquid lunch! 
Have to say I've never had a smoothie with broccoli and spinach in it but it was good!

Chlidren's fashion, London style!

Afternoon tea made of fresh mint, amazing!

My finds under wraps, I'll show them later! Supersales going on over here, this is what a season sale really means! Made such good bargains, bought souvenirs, was gasping breath! I texted my sister to come and get me out of here, I'm going mad!!

Drinks & dinner with friends who start coming in one by one for the wedding!

Last but not least, some toilet-poetry is always in order!

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