keskiviikko 26. kesäkuuta 2013

London calling!!

Good morning from London!! Oh! 
Heart is beating for one of my favourite cities of all time, and here I am!
Came in Yesterday evening, settled in the hotel in beautiful Kensington, quickly ran to the nearby foodshop and got something to eat, and looked around a little. Love, love, love the houses, the streets, the fact that nothing ever changes in here! The visual advantages of a conservative country! It's what makes London unique, holds in the history and is always here for us, no matter how long a break you had!

Now I'm all set to take over the city! The main thing is the wedding of dear friends over the weekend, but I wanted to come a little earlier so there's time to enjoy a little more!
Must say it's quite a jump from summer cottage, forest and a lake, to one of the most intense cities of Europe, but I consider myself to be quite adjustable! I like both the quietness and the liveliness, so bring it on!

Before I left I just had to take a peak what was going on in the summer sales of Helsinki! It's always nice to get something new to put on when you're travelling, right?! 
Found a silk blouse from COS and a kind-of-blazer from Zara, well done me! The black lacy thing in the picture is something pretty for myself (and a little bit for the husband too...!), and the black fluffy thing is an interesting collar! I was really intrigued, perfect with evening wear! I'd say I got some good practise for these few days ahead!

See you soon my dears!

Amazing packing, I completely overwhelmed myself! So neat!

And here's some streetviews, ah!

My address for a few days!

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