torstai 30. toukokuuta 2013

A week in pictures!

The weekend is almost behind the corner, yay! I've been waiting for it badly! We've had long days at work, seriously heavy duty, but I'm sure the outcome is going to be good! It's also nice to notice that even though the sun is shining big and the temperature has risen, I've managed to hold on to my concentration!! The holidays are getting closer and there's good energy in the air!

Here's some snapshots from this week, mainly from well deserved lunch brakes!

Beautiful sky, beautiful scenery

My sweet Japanese colleague visited home and brought me the prettiest souvenir ever! She clearly knows my true nature!

And here's me sporting my new flea market-goodies! The sandals and one of the new bags! I can't believe that I payed 1€ for it! A leather bag! And this you won't believe: I had it with me for the first time Yesterday, and in the evening when I was coming home I reached for my keys in the small side pocket, and found 3,5€ from there! I was at awe. For a brief moment I was thinking should I perhaps return the money... but naah, I had an ice cream today at the lunch brake instead!! 

Now it's definitely time to go to bed, I just got home an hour ago only to wake up in the morning to go back! But after that it's weekend and it'll be lovely! Good night my friends!!

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