perjantai 24. toukokuuta 2013

Back home!

As wonderful as the visit to Vienna was, I was more than happy to sleep in our own bed last night! I slept like a log! No matter how short a tour, it always makes me tired! I wonder why...?!
We had a fun night with dinner and drinks after the concert. Our hotel was right at the center so it was all very handy!

The concert itself was wonderful, almost a full house, and we got invited back again, hooray! It's always a very emotional moment when you get to play Sibelius abroad, it's an amazing feeling. I cannot think of a better calling card between people than music! It's a missionary thing really, I feel like a little ambassadress, and proud of it!!

It was also so lovely to get a real glimpse of summer, to walk around without a jacket and wear a dress, oh!
Now off towards a new day, my mind is light and happy, grateful of the past few days! Love this feeling!!

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