sunnuntai 26. toukokuuta 2013

Fashion Friday!

On Friday I was free the whole day and went to check out the Fashion Stock Sales in Vanha Ylioppilastalo. This is an interesting event: Finnish designers and fashion brands organise a kind of an outlet for one weekend where you can make true finds in clothing, shoes, bags jewellery and accessories! It was pretty full when I got there but managed to look through the tables alright! Minna Parikka, Katri Niskanen, Lumi, Kirsi Nisonen and the sweet Paloni were all presented, just to name a few, plus one of my favourites, Hanna Sarén herself, behind the counter! This was a really cool coincidence, since I was wearing one of her dresses from her line for Seppälä a few years back! We chatted for a moment, I was really tempted to buy one of her super-fun and glitzy evening bag, but didn't in the end, shoot! Her shoes are nice, especially the wooden ones! I wish her the best of luck, she has a unique style and I like it a lot!

On my way back home I saw a really cool car! I'm usually not taking pictures of cars AT ALL, but this put a big smile on my face! Have to share it with you!

                  The Flamingo-bag on Hanna Sarén's table haunted me for a while! Isn't it cool?!

                     Hats by Kirsi Nisonen, they are super-delicious! One day I'll get one for sure!

Here's the car, a Citroen DS! Love everything about it, check out the tyres!

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  1. Kyllä harmittaa, kun en ehtinyt Vanhalle. Olin jo kauan odottanut, että pääsisin törsäämään Fine van Brooklinin korviksiin. Ne ovat sanoinkuvaamattoman kauniita. Ja minulla on vain yhdet... Tuollaisia tapahtumia voisi järjestää useammin!


    1. Oih, ne on kyllä kauniita! Yritin etsiä milloin olisi seuraava tapahtuma, mutten löytänyt :( Samaa mieltä olen, lisää tällaisia!! Ootko kurkannut Brooklinin nettiputiikkiin? Helpotusta pahimpaan harmistukseen!
      Aurinkoa sinne!
      <3 Eeva