sunnuntai 26. toukokuuta 2013

Yet another flea market day...!

Yes, I'm going crazy with the flea markets, I know, but it's the best kind of shopping there is!!
I love to get surprised with something unexpected, to snoop around and look at beautiful things! It's treasure hunting! And since the whole day Yesterday went by at work having to miss the Siivouspäivä when the whole city turns into one gigantic flea market, I headed East today.
There were several things going on: Apila-kirppis in Roihuvuori and Rantakirppis in Marjaniemi.
I made a date with my sweet friend in one of the playgrounds of Roihuvuori, where she was out with her boys, and we were sipping tea from a thermos while the boys were playing around! It was nice to catch up with the latest news, hugs Sweetie!

It started to rain a little so I didn't find much action in the Apila-kirppis, but oh my, when I drove to Marjaniemi! First of all it was beautiful! Big beautiful houses along the shoreline, the sea so pretty, and the whole Marjaniemenranta full of yard-sales, friendly people and such kind atmosphere! I chatted with several ladies, had the yummiest mushroom-pie, was welcome to even use the loo in one of the houses, and got a tour in the prettiest backyard I have ever seen! This family had their own boat in their own little pier, lots of tulips and a fountain! The house was a 100-year-old stone villa, originally the ladie's husband's grandparents had it as their summer house.
When Helsinki was a lot smaller, Marjaniemi was filled with villas like these as people's summer places.
Oh, how I love the history of Helsinki, these old areas, and the fact that there still are people from the same old families living in the same homes. That's rare I think. It was fascinating, we talked for quite a while!

I also made some finds, bargains, if I may say so! A pair of golden leather sandals, almost new, and three little black leather bags, total 7€! Clothes-wise it wasn't my cup of tea. I'm telling you, when the garages are filled with Jags, Mercs, even with a Maserati and a Porsche, the clothes are pretty businessy, being all black and beige, suits and pencil skirts, so I let them be, but enjoyed enormously the walk, the talk and the landscape! It was just perfect! I want more happenings like these, pretty please!!

Now we're just taking it easy, sweet husband took me out for a dinner to one of our favourite places in Katajanokka, and now it's sofa-time! Stomachs full!

Off towards a new week tomorrow, lots of thoughts to you all dear ones!

                                                      Sweet Roihis & sweet friend!

Here's the beautiful house...

....and this is the backyard!

Here are he finds!
The smallest one of the bags with the golden little strap belonged to the Mother of this older lady who sold it to me. A very special thing, I think. It's very delicate, goes beautifully with evening wear.

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