tiistai 30. lokakuuta 2012

An idea

I like to go through stuff at antiquarian bookshops. These places are mysterious. The smell, the decoration, the atmosphere, it's like a lost world. A lost world of books to be found again. At one point I found a pile of old sheet music and that was a jackpot! The covers were really beautiful, little pieces of art really. I bought several and thought how could they get a new life. In frames, of course! I got different ones, put them in and oh it was perfect! A few of them are on display above our piano, one is even in the bathroom! I've also given them as gifts. It's a really unique and beautiful idea!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Like your idea!!
    Blogissasi on Ihania kuvia! Hetket tulevat kauniisti esille!

    1. Kiitoskiitos, samoin! Pieniä hetkiä piristykseksi! Ihanaa viikonjatkoa!