keskiviikko 31. lokakuuta 2012

Something to drink?

I decided to open the secrets of my kitchen cabinets to you! The issue about tea might be clear by now, but not just any tea, the Kusmi tea is my absolute favourite! They've got so many different blends from detox to serious black tea aromas! I found this brand in Paris a few years ago, and nowadays I've seen it in Stockmann, which is wonderful! The Kusmi tea company was founded 1867 in Paris so they do know a thing or two about the subject. It's delicious!! Check out

This is David Rio, a chai and tea company from California. This stuff is so yummy that it's difficult to put into words! I haven't yet seen these products in Finland, even though I did suggest Anton&Anton they'd start bringing it here! I was introduced to these amazing chai drinks in Stockholm, and stocked up last spring in Berlin KaDeWe. It's really big over there now. Check out

Then the Whittard of Chelsea! This will take your tongue away! I think maybe the British now how to make excellent warm drinks to get some light in middle of the rainy seasons! This is just so heavenly, both of them! I got the white chocolate from London early this year and fell in love! I should have bought more, always should buy at least two of anything you think will melt your heart, but luckily a sweet friend of mine went back and got me these two! Check

I mix all of these two latter ones in milk. I heat it first and then add the powder. For some time now my stomach's had a little difficult time with milk, but I've used lactose free-milk, which works great with these too!

Also, if the situation requires, I might add a drop or two of mint liqueur or Amaretto, and I don't have a care in the world! They might work best in regular cacao though. But anyway, my winter is definitely saved by these amazing warm drinks, woohoo!!

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