torstai 25. lokakuuta 2012


I don't have to work today except for the evening, so I headed down to the centrum to take care of some errands. I had some pictures developed, walked a little, looked at the sun, had a quick bite to eat and hopped to tram no.6 which took me to Arabia. I wanted to check out the Garage Sale which I heard was happening in Hämeentie 157. Sadly it was a little disappointing, I thought it would have been a bigger event. But I did go through all in IvanaHelsinki and quickly checked Bombo and Neroko and came home. In general I'm a huge fan of Finnish design, I've been following Paola Suhonen from the start, Minna Parikka is one of my absolute favourites, Katri Niskanen makes beautiful clothes as does Tiia Vanhatapio as well. I think it's cool that young women bravely go after their dreams and catch them also! We have a lot of talent over here and it's important to be supportive. Together we are more! Hooray!

                                           Here's a few pics along the way, bye for now!


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