lauantai 27. lokakuuta 2012

Pretty things

The sunshine continues, brilliant! Lifts up any spirit, works both for body and soul!
I want to share a few pictures that I took about two weeks ago. One of my favourite places in Helsinki is Moko Market in Perämiehenkatu, Punavuori. It's filled with pretty things, candles, luxurious selection of teas and delicates, and the cafe is excellent with big portions of salads and healthy shakes and smoothies. This idea of a concept store is quite new in Helsinki and I'm so glad it has entered here! It's a place for happy thoughts and good every-day life. If I'm feeling blue and have the time, that's where I go, treat myself with a huge mug of tea and might even buy something small for myself! Try it, I promise you it works!

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