sunnuntai 28. lokakuuta 2012

Family Sunday

Today we had a family gathering at our place, even my Grand Mother who's 90 years old, came. We were celebrating a couple of things: one birthday, one post-wedding-bash, and one just-for-fun! It was so warm and cozy, I consider myself lucky to have a close family. Even though we've had our share of challenges and sadness, we hold on to each other. My Grand Mother is very dear to me, she's got a killer sense of humor and the largest heart. She's had seven children, taken care of them and her own mother who lived to be 101 years old. She still lives at home, cooks and bakes and stays positive about life. If I ever got even a little bit of her attitude, I'd be a lucky girl with quite little worries!

Before everybody came I was a maniac in the kitchen! I made two cheesecakes and two mudcakes. Both of them are super delicious! I had blueberrys in the freezer so I used those, otherwise it's a regular vanilla cheesecake. The mudcake consists mainly of butter and sugar, but I added grated orange skin to it which gives it a wonderful fresh taste. I just love the combination of chocolate and orange, and the darker the better! On top of all this we had a huge cake from Emil Halme-bakery, Espoo. It's a very traditional bakery, must be a hundred years old already, seriously good stuff. So a whole lot of cakes, I'd say! Now it's time to lay down the sofa and try to digest all these goodies!

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