perjantai 26. lokakuuta 2012

The rest of Friday

Good evening!
It's been a nice day with the sun and the crispy weather! Once I got out I did some necessary and unnecessary things which was good, because I wasn't in a hurry! I had lunch at Lungi in Korkeavuorenkatu which is one of my favourite places, once again, they're so many.. Had a goat's cheese salad with beetroot which was good, and after that headed to Cafe Balzac. I strongly recommend this place, go there if it's new to you, or if it's not, go again and just enjoy the atmosphere! It's a small, real pretty, and real cute place! Everything they have is exellent, the selection of teas, wines, salads and sandwiches, and the music. Nice, nostalgic jazz, I think I went to Paris during the time I spent there! Foodwise they prepare everything themselves, you can really taste that the ingredients are good, it's wonderful. My friend found the place in the summer and since that I've noticed that my feet just take me there quite regularly! It's situated in one of the courtyards in Iso Roba, right soon after Black Door. Oh, heavenly!

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