torstai 4. heinäkuuta 2013

The finds!

I promised to introduce you to my finds from the trip, so here they are! Loads of black leather and gold, I love it! 

I'd been after the perfect small cross-body bag in black leather, and Zadig & Voltaire had it all along!! The snake-skin part was a bonus, it's cooool!!

The sunglasses, oh, my weakness! They're Emilio Pucci's with golden highlights!

Plus a patent leather wallet by Alexander McQueen...with studs! This was something I wasn't after but fell in love with, so what could I do?! 

The sales were crazy, really good stuff with excellent reductions. You NEVER find this combination, or anything even close to it here in Finland, never, nope, so I went full speed ahead!! Yikes!!

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