perjantai 25. lokakuuta 2013

Oh, sweet Rio!!

By the time we got to the amazing city of Rio de Janeiro, we were so tired but completely intoxicated by everything that awaited us! We got high already from the view from the plane: the hills that surrounded the city, the endless beaches, the Cristo Redentor overlooking the city from the Corcovado mountain... Once on the ground the heat wave slammed against us, we saw the rooftop pool of our hotel, felt the hectic and intriguing beat of the streets, and for crying out loud there was a concert to play on that very same day!!!
Concentration went to a serious test!!
As a relief it soon accured it was bank holiday and everything was closed! The shops, the restaurants, everything, shoot!
We had lunch at the hotel restaurant buffet and since it was a quiet day, it was almost ok to rest a little before the concert...

First look around!

I really had to pinch myself to remind me this is a work trip, this is a work trip, this is a work trip...
And off we went to Teatro Municipal for our final concert of the tour.
It was a beautiful place, the concert was excellent, we got a standing ovation, the audience was so wonderful!
It was the perfect way to end the tour, the perfect city of all!

Sketches of original Sacre du Printemps costumes and masks were on display backstage, maybe they'd performed it there in the near past! One of my absolute favourite pieces of all time!

Waiting for the concert to start...

Afterwards we gathered up a big bunch of people and headed down to COPACABANA!!
It was all dark already, and after some well deserved caipirinhas and dinner we took a stroll at the beach!
It was surreal!
We tried to stay up for as long as possibile but eventually the tiredness took over. It had been one 24 hours alright starting from the last concert in São Paulo!
Off to bed and towards the next day with a sightseeing tour and a flight home!

Oh man it was something!!
We were discussing the next day that not since our twenties had there been an exitement of these proportions in our lives! Screaming and running around like there was no tomorrow, a collective craziness that just took over!
It was the spirit of Rio, or maybe the caipirinhas, I don't know, same difference I suppose!
But oh how happy I was to experience that!! I'm not all grown up yet, phew!!

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