perjantai 18. lokakuuta 2013

The Market Hall!

Mercado Municipal de São Paulo was a delicious place to visit!
I love market halls, and the fact that it's a universal thing! Anywhere in the world you go you'll find one!
Lots of gourmet, local goodies, fresh fruit, and a restaurant area where we also went to rest our feet and refresh our souls!

I bought several things, a heaven of souvenirs!

I didn't know this beer existed for real!

And then: Caipirinha!!!
From this moment on we knew were in Brazil!

These sweet pastel de Beléms brought tears to my eyes!
They're Portugese specialties, and a few years ago we spent Christmas in Lisbon with dear husband and had them there!
I bought two with me and had them in the hotel! Oh, sweet memories!

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