maanantai 25. maaliskuuta 2013

All things old!

My Sunday began early! Once I reached the 14th arrondissement around 9 am, I grabbed a tea and a croissant au beurre to go and started looking around. It was my first time in this flea market, it was huge! I loved it how it was just continuing with the streets, some side streets, then the main street again! But pretty soon I realised it was mainly antiques with quite high prices. I didn't mind, it was really nice to wander around there, feel the atmosphere and watch people gather together. There was mainly locals which felt nice too! I got to think that even though some of the stuff was quite normal flea market stuff, it felt a lot more special lying there on a Parisian flea market!

Afterwards I hopped into a bus and drove to Montparnasse, found an art market by accident, and had soupe á l'oignon for lunch and a crepe for dessert, mmmm, so good! Then took a bus to Boulevard Saint Michel and walked along La Seine. I love those stalls by the riverside! They're so picturesque! Some of them have the touristy thing going on but not all. I bought old covers of Vogue, let's see what'll come of those!

I walked back to the hotel past Notre Dame and The Shakespeare and Co. Took a picture for you of this world famous bookstore! Before my first trip to Paris I read Ernest Heminigways' Nuoruuteni Pariisi (A Moveable Feast) and of course loved the images of young artists coming to Paris, working, getting inspired, sitting in cafés, paying their bills with their works.. it all looks so romantic to us, of which I'm sure it always wasn't, but it's a part of the spell. This bookshop still supports young writers by letting them live upstairs and work for the shop for a few hours. The legacy of Sylvia Beach carries on.

I sat in numerous cafés myself because it was quite cold! I was hoping to get a glimpse of real spring over here but no! Yesterday might have been even worse than home, because it's so much more humid over here. That's the worst type of coldness, it's colder than dry coldness! I had Vin Chaude to make myself warm, a little like glögi, hot red wine with orange and cinnamon!

Here we go, pictures from Yesterday!

Porte de Vanves marché aux puces

Pont Neuf, La Seine

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    1. Moi Tommi! Ihana kun olit meillä kyläilemässä, nyt täälläkin!! :D