sunnuntai 17. maaliskuuta 2013

Exclusive: Play it again, Sam

My series of second-hands continues with a true legend and the epitome of vintage here in Helsinki: Play it again, Sam.
This boutique is beyond all dreams, you have to experience it, and it's just impossible not to fall in love with it!
This is not just a boutique, it represents a whole era of time, attitude and beauty, grace, poise and style. All items, whether being a beautiful dress, a pair of shoes, jewellery or girdle, have been selected with an impeccable taste and thought.
The person and the soul behind all this is the Lady of Vintage herself, Arja Könönen, whose personality lights up every corner of the beautiful shop! She's had the boutique for 25 years, and has watched us Finns find and grow into the beauty of old fashion. She was ahead of us all but had the patience, and now this shop is a legend, and is listed where ever the word Vintage is printed from travel guides to magazines, articles and books.
I'm sure all of you know this place, but I think it needs a chapter of its own, truly. Go and get a glimpse of glamour! That's what we need every now and then!!

Rauhankatu 2, Kruununhaka

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