sunnuntai 10. maaliskuuta 2013


Good evening!
Here's a few pictures from Yesterday's skating! We went to the Rautatientori ice rink, my very first time over there! It's been there for a few years already, I don't know why I haven't been there before. But better late than never, it was really nice, the evening sun was shining and we enjoyed ourselves a lot!

Once our feet were done we had some after-skate in the National Theatre's Lavaklubi in the basement. That's such a pretty and cool place! You can feel the theatre spirit in the old furniture, wall papers that introduce former leading ladies, and the old programs and playbills that cover the arches and pilars, I love it! They provide small theatre shows, music and readings, it's a really intimate place for small quality events, I've heard one gig there once, and am really glad that this kind of venue exists here. We made a toast for the birthday hero and sat for a while, what a nice day it was!

Now my eyes are on the new week ahead! It's going to be filled with one of the world's most beautiful music: Sergei Prokofjev's Romeo and Juliet. Oh so beautiful!!
But first a good night's sleep, sleep tight everyone!

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