tiistai 19. maaliskuuta 2013

Crazy Tuesday!

This morning was not at all one of my best. I was in a terrible hurry, forgot my keys, ran up the stairs, woke up the poor husband with a doorbell, accidentally knocked over our beautiful Tiffany-lamp (which didn't brake, fortunately), didn't find the keys so rushed out again, realised I'd forgotten my lunch so back upstairs again, rang the doorbell, husband stairing at my crazy tantrum in the hallway, found the keys, got the lunch, finally ran out, and still catched the tram. I couldn't believe it. Usually this happens on Mondays, occasionally, of course...
The day went by ok, and when I came home, there was dinner waiting for me! I got tears in my eyes, it was the sweetest thing! Felt like I didn't deserve that, at all! Oh thank heavens for all our loved ones who understand us no matter what. Whether they're your best friend, your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, Mom, Dad, daughter, son, whomever. They are a treasure, and we are so lucky to have them in our lives. Pure and simple.

Afterwards I went for a walk outside, it was still sunny, everything was really pretty, and came back home with the ingredients for the muddiest mudcake ever, which he loves so much! Am going to make it perfect and kiss him good when he comes back from work!

I hope your day was a bit more calm than mine! Happy thoughts, everyone!!

Here's a few pictures I took while out, nice things, window shopping, pretty decorations, all things nice and good!

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