perjantai 19. huhtikuuta 2013

A day in Espoo!

Today was my late Grandfather's birthday so I drove over to my sweet Grandmother's, and together with my aunt we all drove to Espoo old church's graveyard to pay our respects to him. We had flowers and lit a candle in the lantern, it was all very touching.
Also my dear Grandfather from my Father's side lies on the very same area, so I took a candle there as well.
Oh how I sometimes miss childhood, miss having all these wonderful, loving people around, the whole big family. Such lovely and happy memories I carry with me, always!

Afterwards we drove to the famous Emil Halme bakery in Kauklahti. Oooh, their kermamunkki is a classic that takes your toung away!! We bought two boxes to go, and I just realised I don't have a picture of them since they just vanished under no time at all..!

Then some tea, coffee and sandwiches in Margreteberg in Järvenperä, Träskända! Over there we went to the cutest home decoration shop I've seen for a while, Cosy & Country! It's situated in a charming yellow wooden villa in the park and has such pretty things, oh my! A beautiful atmosphere inside, everything looked so delicious, all the dishware, table cloths, kitchen towels, home scents, even pillow scents, you name it! Good Danish and French brands from Greengate to Durance and Comptoir de Famille with the friendliest owner! We made some finds and I took a few pictures for you! It was a real treat, definitely!
Here's the address if you got interested:
Pehtorinkuja 5, Espoo

What a sweet day it was, literally! We were praising those kermamunkki's with husband saying we have to go back soon! But now it's time to say good night, let's dream sweet!

Emil Halme Bakery, oh!

Cosy & Country!

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