keskiviikko 24. huhtikuuta 2013

Online shopping!

Aah, the joys of the internet!!
These beauties were delivered to me Yesterday, and instantly put a broad smile on my face!!
Patent leather shoes from Vagabond and my dream-come-true Moschino logo-belt!!

I've been after this belt for quite some time now and can't believe I didn't buy it while I was in Paris! I was extremely lucky to get the last one from their online boutique and now it's here!! Hooray!!
The shoes are from Vagabond and they're cool! Very shiny!!
And a perfect fit too!
I love this gentleman-fashion that's going on at the moment, shoe-wise at least! These babies give a good edge to any outfit, and certainly go well with the belt too!

Now this material girl will drown herself in the world of music, have to get the balance right!
Hugs and sunshine everyone!

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