perjantai 12. huhtikuuta 2013

Crazy shopping?

After this long and hard week I decided to go to Stockmann's Hullut Päivät. Haven't been able to attend until today, even though sweet husband went Yesterday for me! And he hates these kind of gatherings!! This is true love, I must say!
Just something small from the food department, cheese etc., and when I came home late in the evening, there were these little cakes waiting as a surprise! We ate them together, so good, so sweet, and so kind of him! He put a big smile on my face after a long day, he always does!

Today I had all kinds of things in mind, dishware, shampoos and such, and wandered my way through the floors but couldn't really decide on anything! Even a Ralph Lauren scarf didn't do it for me! Clearly I'm out of tune.
This week has been the heaviest for a while, long days and lots of stuff to deal with, maybe it's taking its toll! I still have one more concert in the evening tonight, but I'll get a second chance during the weekend! Offers continue until Sunday so my moment is still to come!

I did find something small anyway: two magazines, Sköna Hem and Elle Interiör, beautiful Swedish homes! Had a croissant, a smoothie and a few cups of tea! This is good too!

See you later my friends, have a fun Friday!

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