lauantai 6. huhtikuuta 2013

Second-hand Shops: Hoochie Mama Jane & Frida Marina

The series continues! This time in Kallio, one of my favourite areas! The edgy feel over there is just perfect for a day of second-hand shopping and flea markets!
These two are my favourite ones!

Hoochie Mama Jane

I love this little place! I've always had the best of service here! The owner, the beautiful Irja Nuru, is such a charming lady, a true hoochie mama herself! She spots your size in a second, and knows all about accessorizing too! She's the perfect example of "practise what you preach" : she loves what she does, knows it inside out, and has become one of the queens of vintage fashion here in Helsinki.
If you're after something to wear in a very special occasion, or just like to play queen for a day, here's the address:

Vaasankatu 10

Frida Marina

And here we have a place which you have to experience! Frida Marina is like a little concept store with a cute little café! You can shop clothes, old dishware and home decor, there's even a range of natural cosmetics! Also such a friendly and helpful staff who carefully picks the items for sale. Really good quality in clothes, loads of interesting pieces organised perfectly! Sometimes you see shops where you get really confused when all the items are just hanging randomly with no order whatsoever, but this is beautiful! Thank you Frida!
Go and make finds, Frida Marina is just perfect for that!

Kaarlenkatu 10

4 kommenttia:

  1. Voi miksi täytyy käydä töissä kun olisi niin paljon tärkeämpääkin tekemistä... :)


  2. Sanos muuta!! Olen täysin samaa mieltä! :D


  3. Ihania kauppoja molemmat, kiitos vinkistä! E-K

    1. Hihii, E-K, ihanaa!! Ja kyllä, niin hyvänmielen liikkeitä, lisää tällaista! Halauksia!