keskiviikko 17. huhtikuuta 2013

Haidresser Heaven: Pinkki Paplari!

Yesterday was a day of luxury: hairdresser appointment!

I went to a salon called Pinkki Paplari in Taka-Töölö! I've known it's there and heard nice things about it from a friend, but have never been treated there.
It's such a cool place! A 50's inspired hair/beauty parlour with a sweet burlesque twist and an expertise in vintage hairdos! The interior is authentic with old barbershop chairs and machines together with such colourful walls, brilliant!
I wasn't after anything radical, just a trim to make my hair look healthy and shiny after a long and dry winter. But I got such a treat with an excellent sculp massage, sweet-smelling hair products and the latest big thing: a Moroccan oil splash! It makes your hair smooth and shiny and is super nutritious and moisturizing! It's made from the kernels of the argan tree, and is valued highly because of its nutritive elements.
Afterwards I felt really good, the massage was heavenly!
Thank You Paplari!

In the evening it was time to go to the Swedish Theatre to finally see Kristina från Duvemåla! I'd been waiting to see it for some time already, and now was a good moment! A sweet colleague arranged a perfect seating, admiration took place and tears were shed! It takes four hours but time just flew by! Amazing guys these Abba-men, I must say!

Hugs on a Wednesday, sweet everyone!

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