perjantai 19. huhtikuuta 2013

Cloudy & windy Friday...

Momentarily one could be mistaken and think it's autumn instead of spring! Wind blows heavily and there's no signs of the sun. I almost got a little desperate but then found my good old polka dot-cardigan from Avoca Anthology and thought this will make it happen, problem solved!

I took the tram to Sörnäinen and came to check out the new Moko Market that has been open for a short while now!
It's smaller than the one in Punavuori but the feeling is the same, sweet and beautiful!
I had a salad for lunch, they're huge and very good, and a good cup of Turkish tea afterwards.
I also bought this gorgeous Thames & Hudson-book about homes in London..! I might have made a BIG mistake though, because now we just have to move!
Maybe not all the way to London, but somwhere bigger, huge, preferably!!!
Spring does this to me every year: a sudden urge to re-decorate, to fresh things up in the nest! The bright light that shows all the little things you were hiding in sweet candle light during winter, the new colours and shades, growth and beginnings overwhelm me!
Ah well, I'll get over this but have to hold my horses though!

Today's Friday and myself and husband are going out! We're going to listen to a friend's gig, and I just got a resevation for dinner before that, so everything's as it should!
Have a good one my sweets!

Here's Moko Market Sörnäinen!

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